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We have successfully developed LFP based energy storage solution which is reliable and cost effective for 10 years operation compare to lead acid battery.

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Types of energy storage solution

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Types of accessories

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Types of inverters with different ratings

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Professional and R & D team for customise solution


SUSTAINABILITY Committed to keep people healthy & safe

We provide sustainable solution with zero GWP and environment friendly energy storage solution

We are best in the field

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Energy Storage

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Reliable product and services.

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    We will provide you step by step installation procedure and you can Install the system on your own. It is wall mounted and very easy to install.

     We provide Inverter with latest technology, flexible, scalable and bundle of features. All our solution with LFP battery (no maintenance for 10 years).

    Our equipment is very much reliable in general chances of equipment failure is very less. We will provide online support once you initiate complain,  in case it is not rectified you need to send back the equipment to-pay basis (you don’t need to pay for the transportation) we will rectify the system within 2 days and send back to you (excluding transportation time).

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    Easy Steps Working Process​

    Working Process 1
    Book the order

    Book the order

    Working Process 2
    Test the system

    Test the system

    Working Process 3
    Shipping with Installation and O&M manual

    Shipping with Installation and O&M manual

    Working Process 4
    Once Install share the detail to us

    Once Install share the detail to us

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